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Following the CLIC-LISO Conference

Sunday May 17, 2009 (9:00 AM to 3:30 PM)

Third Biennial LISO Symposium


The Social-Interactional

Lives of Young Children



Morning Session 1:
"Insults and Corrective Routines Among Children in a Multiethnic Swedish School Setting"
Ann-Carita Evaldsson (Education, Uppsalla University)

Morning Session 2:
"Code-switching and other Language Practices in Peer Play Interactions in a Bilingual (Spanish-English) U.S. Preschool"
Amy Kyratzis (Education, UCSB)

Afternoon Session 3:
"Directives and Social Organization in the Everyday Sibling Interactions of Mayan Children"
Lourdes de León (CIESAS, Mexico)

Afternoon Session 4:
"Interactional Serendipity in the Social Life of Very Young Children"
Gene H. Lerner (Sociology, UCSB)


McCune Conference Room
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
HSSB 6020