LISO 20th Anniversary Symposium


Multiple Engagements:

Complexity in Human Involvement

February 14-16, 2014

McCune Center, 6020 HSSB (Humanities & Social Sciences Building)

UC Santa Barbara

In February 2014, UCSB will host an international symposium featuring interdisciplinary research on the complexity of naturally occurring human interaction.  This symposium will bring together diverse researchers -- linguists, anthropologists, conversation analysts, child development and communication scholars, and others -- who share an interest in understanding both routine and innovative adaptations to interactional complexity.

If you would like to attend the LISO Symposium, you can register by sending a note to Samantha Coveleski ( by Feb. 10th. Please indicate which days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) you are planning to attend. (There is no fee for attendees.)

Friday, February 14 (Opens at 9:00am)

1. The Complexity of Interaction in a Material World (9:30am)

Charles Goodwin (UCLA)

“Multiple engagements within co-operative interactions”

Mary Bucholtz (UC Santa Barbara)

“Are animals participants?: Youth farmers managing multiple engagements”

2. Technologies and Interactional Complexity (11:30am)

Margaret H. Szymanski (Xerox Innovation Group)

“Some ways of engaging in multi-party, multi-device contexts”

Eric Laurier (University of Edinburgh)

“Walking with a smart-phone: Pedestrian wayfinding and screen gestures”

3. Complexities of Multiple Engagements (2:30pm)

Lorenza Mondada (University of Basel)

“Complex temporalities: The organization of intertwined courses of action in multiactivity”

Gene H. Lerner (UC Santa Barbara)

“Speaking to an outsider: ‘Cross-play’ as an interactional task and resource”

Saturday, February 15 (Opens at 8:30am)

4. Authority, compliance and competing lines of action  (9:00am)

Marjorie H. Goodwin  (UCLA)

“Choreographing directives in the midst of multiple engagements”

Geoffrey Raymond (UC Santa Barbara)

“Managing competing engagements in police encounters with the public”

5. Emergent Involvements (11:00am)

Jürgen Streeck (University of Texas, Austin)

“Interactions between interactions”

Amy Kyratzis (UC Santa Barbara)

“Preschoolers managing competing pretend activities in bilingual play”

Mardi Kidwell (University of New Hampshire)

“‘Action misrecognition’ as a solution to managing multiple simultaneous involvements”

6. Data Session (2:30pm)

“Analyzing multiple engagements”

Sunday, February 16 (Opens at 9:30am)

7. Voicing Values (10:00am)

John W. Du Bois (UC Santa Barbara)

“Audible bodies, dialogic minds: Multi-voiced evaluations in layered engagements”

Ann-Carita Evaldsson & Helen Melander (Uppsala University)

“Affective stances and the doing of embodied accountability in managing disruptive classroom conduct”

John Haviland (UC San Diego)

“‘Lo-jacks and diaper rash’: multiple engagements (and orders of engagement) of an emigrant Mayan language”

8. Plenary Discussion (2:00pm)

"Complexities of complexity: The futures of multiple engagement research”